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Don’t Accept Counter offers !

When you have received an offer of employment which you are inclined to accept, you must consider very carefully whether it really solves your problem and offers you the opportunity you are seeking before you resign from your current employment. If you choose to accept the offer and to resign from your current employment, you […]

Helping our Kids ! One of our charities we like to sponsor

Kids Help Phone is a free, anonymous and professional counselling service supporting the mental and emotional well-being of the 6.5 million kids across Canada ages 5 to 20 (Source: Statistics Canada 2012) Big or small concerns, 24/7, 365 days a year, Kids Help Phone is a lifeline, available whenever, wherever, and however kids need it […]

Why use a Recruiter …

  Do the Math! Why Recruiters Are Worth What They Charge “When I need a heart by-pass, rest assured that I won’t select my surgeon on the basis of what he charges.” That’s what an ailing executive recently opined when he was informed by his doctor about his arterial blockage problems. Why then are corporate […]

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